We need up-to-date websites!

BY:Rose Hill| May 3, 2019
Comrades, as busy as we all are and as successful as our Twitter and Facebook presentations appear to be, I strongly believe our Party websites, especially local ones, need a serious upgrade. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but many people still like to read websites, in addition to social media feeds. See what happens when we go to this page: http://www.cpusa.org/contact/
The Illinois website opens up onto 2015, 4 years ago. The Indiana website takes us back to 2013, nothing more recent. New York’s party webpage brings us to 2016: that’s as far as it goes. Minnesota, Texas, and South Carolina don’t seem to open at all, but I’m no expert. Our party in North Carolina has a website that takes us to its Facebook page, which is fine because there is good information there. However, clicking on Ohio and Pennsylvania also takes us to the North Carolina Facebook page, which is nice if you are only interested in the Party in one state.
Once again, I am mindful of the tremendous activities that really do require our priority time and commitment. However, unless we transform the websites, we may as well get rid of them.


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