Socialism: let’s talk about it

BY:CPUSA webmaster| March 17, 2011

This is a pamphlet about Bill of Rights socialism and the bankruptcy of capitalism. Millions of people, according to recent polls, are worried about capitalism and think socialism — and communism — are superior! This is a good time to talk more about socialism, what it would look like in the United States of America and the democratic path to a socialist USA. Working-class people are in motion, fighting for jobs, liveable wages, unions, equality,  taxes on the super-rich and Wall Street to pay for the economic mess, democracy and more. Through it all, there is an upsurge in interest in socialism.

Let’s give them something to talk about. Check out the pamphlet, here.

To read more on socialism, a few suggestions:

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Mark | November 14, 2011 at 3:52 AM

I’m certainly in agreement that socialism was wrongfully demonized in most respects. Believe me, there are socialist systems that shouldn’t ever be implemented, but there are also many good ideas. I would love to see a resource based economy, so that everyone is provided with what is necessary; this is not only possible due to existing and upcoming technologies but perhaps mandatory for humanity to ensure proper allocation of natural resources, especially those in short supply and/or nonrenewable resources. Imagine we build a computer infrastructure to command and coordinate robotic systems to bring food, water and shelter to everyone simultaneously. That’s a cool idea.

Bob | April 23, 2011 at 2:59 PM

Socialism is just a way to take things that have been obtained through hard work and giving them to those that are too lazy to work hard enough to get there

Steve | April 18, 2011 at 9:22 PM

Let’s put a red dot on your head and talk about it

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