Next steps in party education

BY:Dee Miles| December 13, 2016
Next steps in party education

Brief report presented to the November National Committee Meeting CPUSA from the National Education Commission.

Please allow me to be very brief and very specific in discussing our ideological/educational work.

We are long overdue for a more  lengthy report and discussion, which we promise to facilitate sometime in the near future.  Of the few ways we have to combat backwardness (voting against one’s interest and not understanding how one’s interest is connected with others, for example), is the promotion of the development of class and socialist consciousness. This is a decisive contribution we, as the Party, are expected to make.  Our very reason for being is tied directly to this task.  Suffice it say, we have to strengthen our work in this arena.

First, in many instances, the challenge for us is to fundamentally grasp how important our role in offering Marxist education and ideological training really is to the struggle for social progress in our country.  We call on those who are in a position to help with classes, lead article and book discussions, and in any way possible make a contribution to our effort to promote our Marxist educational work, that you step forward now:  email me at

We face the challenge of finding interesting and creative ways to “go back to basics” to examine how the foundational ideas of Marxism apply to today:  not if they apply, but how they apply.  Toward that end, we are proposing a weekend gathering of the minds in late January or February to:

  1. A) explore the foundational concepts of Marxist strategy and tactics;
  2. B) further develop our strategy and tactics in deciphering the way forward given the 2016 election results; and,
  3. C) strengthen our ability to discuss our approach to strategy and tactics. I am appealing to the National Committee to help make that weekend fruitful, productive, and a major contributor to our ability to confidently move forward to face the battles ahead.

Second, I want to talk about our ideological/education work in this period.  There are 2 things we need. We need, as I mentioned earlier, to rapidly expand our ideological/educational offerings online and in our districts and clubs.  We need readers’ clubs, online article and book talks, 1 and 2 session online classes on just about everything under the sun related to struggle and working-class culture.  We need Martin Luther King, Jr., Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and May Day online activities, and these online activities do not conflict at all with any face-to-face activities that are organized as well.  We need club educationals, district and regional schools, weekend think tanks, and national schools.  The point is you have to help us make all of this happen.  We need people to step forward when it comes to facilitating the discussion of an article or book or leading a class themselves, as well as helping us to identify and reach out to authors, scholars, and just regular folk who have done the work and want to discuss a particular issue, concern, historical period, or Marxist classic.  Step up and send  in what you would like to do, or work to get someone else to do, to Dee at

Lastly for this brief report, we also need to grow participation in our online educational activities.  We have gone over 100 people registering but we have not gone over 100 participants in any of the online educational activities.  We are ready to purchase the ability to have 200 people participate, which should be immediately doable for us, so we are asking for your help.  When educational activities are announced, it means for each and every one of us we have to find people to join in and participate. We need you to help us get people to register to participate.  Even if they don’t show up, they can receive the recording, so all is not a waste.  We all understand that it is a must that we do everything possible to continuously broaden and deepen our reach concerning the spread of the Marxist idea and the Marxist project.

You are the National Committee; I am letting you know we need your help now!  Rather than despair, let’s fill our hearts with the fervor of conscious, mature, strategic resistance.  Let’s share our working-class science far and wide without hesitation.


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Judyta Mielnicka | March 06, 2017 at 3:52 AM

If you live in communism like I did, if you stand in a linę, for four hours, to purchase toilet paper /all six rolls!/ than you can experience the ideology you promote here. I had been there. It doesn’t work.

Al Markowitz | December 23, 2016 at 11:42 AM

Cultural work in building militant class consciousness work is vital. An important way to build that class consciousness is exposure to the poetry published in the Blue Collar Review, journal of Progressive Working Class Literature. Building the consciousness we need is exactly why the Blue Collar Review and Partisan Press exist. The website is at

Party sites could subscribe or send for back issues to have available.

Len | December 22, 2016 at 3:25 PM

I agree with the framing point being made here. A framework that emphasizes what we are for should work in the present political environment. For example, the present developing regime, chuck full of generals and billionaires, may very well push for war with Iran. We should push for a sustainable peace with green jobs at its center. This would bring great benefits here and on the world scene. We can expose the so-called “war on terror” as a cover for imperialism in the process.

    BH | December 25, 2016 at 7:25 PM

    Thanks. One of the biggest problems you have is the idea you are antireligion and that Lenin and Stalin would shoot all the preachers and priests they could. Of course this isn’t true and a lot of things said about Stalin are just western propaganda. It’s really propaganda against the common or working man being in charge “See, you workers and sympahtizers take over in Russia and looks what happens. You end up mass murdering each other. If you had us capitalists (or you could insert monarchs) in charge this would not have happened because we are so smart and know everything. You little workers are just children and the Soviet Union ended up being run by the biggest child bullies among the other children.

    Never mind that when you communists went to the American south in the 20’s and 30’s to build your party the situation was so bad for the blacks you decided to make fighting racism the priority and building your party second. Black churches were so poor they did not have Bibles. Guess who donated lots of Bibles to churches in the US south? The Soviet Union at Stalin’s request! If Stalin hated religion much less preachers and priests why was he sending Bibles to the black people in the south? Duh.

    But you have this frame, this conventional wisdom that no matter what proof you show to the contrary, that Stalin was a hater of preachers and priests and loved to kill them. You are going to have to find ways to over come this too.

    MY suggestion is admit Stalin and Lenin did in fact execute some religious officials. But say the reason why was not told over here. It is common knowledge among missionaries and officials that spies and traitors use missionary work and religious work as a cover to do traitorous deeds and harmful work to the country they are visiting. Say that if you look into it more often than not those priests and preachers were not jailed and excecuted for spreading the gospel but because they were caught spying or committing treason. Then share this information about the USSR donating lots of Bibles to the black churches in the south and how this proves the Soviet Union had nothing against religion per see, but only wanted people to keep the peace and obey the law of the land. If you are dealing with a pro-life person in this religious discussion you can mention that abortion was illegal during Stalin’s time. This was out of consideration for people’s morals as well as a way to increase the population. Other examples of the Soviet government going out of its way to not offend religious scruples could be offered as well.

Gary Mueller | December 16, 2016 at 7:06 PM

The Communist Party Stands for equality an end to racism, homophobia, sexism, police brutality and environmental destruction.How more moral can we be?


    BH | December 19, 2016 at 6:30 AM

    Thank you for your questions, Mr. Mueller.

    Standing for equality, for equal rights,, ect are all well and good.

    But how do you sell your positions in such a way to win over or at least neutralize those whose moral world view may be different than yours but still close enough they may be willing to somewhat support you at the polls.

    For example, I may buy your basic arguments against racism and the desire to see us equal under the law. However, as a white southern male how will you fight for equality in a way without making me feel like I am somehow being punished for the sins of my ancestors. I am thinking about things like affirmative action. I may have my own wife and family to feed and while I hate the errors concerning race that occurred in the past I will not stand buy and see my family suffer for it today. How do you win me over?

BH | December 14, 2016 at 7:10 AM

You need to study framing more. Find a way to tie socialism in with the values and moral worldviews held by the people you are trying to reach. No matter how many facts you have and no matter how horrible a policy made by the right is you will lose unless you frame the counterarguments in a way that coincides with moral values.

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