New draft program available for download

BY:CPUSA program committee| February 1, 2019 | Download PDF
New draft program available for download


The 31st National Convention of CPUSA will be held June 21-23, 2019.  February 1 through June 1, we are in the period of pre-convention discussion.  Our objective is to deepen our understanding, upgrade our analysis, and strengthen our ability to effectively engage in struggle with the working class and people of the USA.

As part of preparation for the convention, a new draft of the Party program is available for download in PDF form.  We encourage holding discussions in your club, district, study group, and other groupings where fitting. We invite you to offer comments, alternative wording, suggestions of a different approach, and even amendments to any aspect of the new draft program.  All suggestions will be considered even though all may not be adopted; major decisions will be made at the convention, so feel encouraged to offer the input of your collective or your individual thinking.  Please send your submission to before May 15, 2019.

Too, we invite everyone to participate in a series of online discussions of the new draft program.  Please see the schedule and the connection information below:


New Draft Party Program Discussion Seminars

All sessions will be  6  – 7:30 PM eastern (5 PM central and 3 PM pacific)

Sunday, Feb 17

-Intro to the Party Program & Class and Democratic Struggle

Suggested Reading: sections I, II, & V


Sunday, March 24

Realities of the US Working Class & the Working Class Movement for Social Progress

Suggested Reading: section III


Sunday, April 14

Unity Against the Extreme Right in the Electoral Arena and Beyond

Suggested Reading: sections IV, VI, & VII


Sunday, May 19

The Role of the Party, the Battle of Ideas, & Our Vision of Socialism

Suggested Reading: sections VIII, IX, & X


Register NOW:

We look forward to your participation.

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Al M | February 06, 2019 at 1:21 PM

Looking this over I see a fine but repetitive explanation of the necessity of Socialism and of a Marxist-Leninist Workers Party (the CPUSA) to lead the way. All well and good but, aside from a list of accomplishments and a reiteration of democratic centralism, I do not see a clear agenda or program outlined for the difficult period we find ourselves in. We find ourselves in a time when fascism is iempowered but challenged by legal obstacles. At the same time we see the enormous growth of a fightback and the growing popularity and calls for socialism. This can be a time for party growth similar to that of the depression but with a bleaker future given the climate crisis.

Our program should be more direct, less a long, repetitive sales job for socialism and more a laid out program of issues we will fight for, demands that need to be made and the necessity of unity in struggle to replace the rule of money with authentic socialist democracy. We need to appeal to the youth radicalized by this oppressive system and by the populism of Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez. People are fired up, our program should fuel that fire and give it the needed direction a vanguard party should.

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