Communist Party, USA: Resolution on the Delphi Workers Pension Crisis

BY:CPUSA National Committee| November 16, 2005

Whereas, The bankruptcy filing of Delphi and its declared threat to terminate its retirement plans directly threatens the retirement and health care of 40,000 US workers and their families, and 140,000 more worldwide; and,

Whereas, Delphi, is actively seeking Court approval to void its labor contract that requires continued health care and retirement plan contributions; and,

Whereas, The bankruptcy of Delphi paves the way for General Motors to dump its retirement and health care obligations to approximately 1,000,000 workers and retiree family members; and,

Whereas, The tide of defaults by major American manufacturers and Airline companies has led to unfunded pension liabilities no exceeding 600 Billion dollars; and,

Whereas, Tremendous struggles are sweeping our nation as working people battle to defend their hard won pension and retiree rights. Steelworkers, faced with massive bankruptcies, theft of pensions and health care, have organized a huge mass movement, through the Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees (SOAR) and ReUNION in defense of their pension rights. Airline workers are fighting against corporate/Bush administration attempts to destroy their pensions. Miners, Teamsters, Autoworkers, Public Workers, teachers and others are facing corporate right wing assaults on their life saving pensions; and,

Whereas, The Bush administration is working overtime to destroy the very concept of real pensions while a massive powerful nationwide movement has developed in defense of Social Security stopping the Bush administrations attempt to privatize and destroy this important program; and,

Whereas, Life itself demands that in order for those heroic struggles to succeed they need to merge together into a magnificent Unity Wave, sweeping our nation. Therefore,

Be it resolved that the National Committee of the Communist Party USA, meeting in New York City on the 16th day of October, 2005 hereby demands that our government place a moratorium on the use of the courts allowing corporations to dump pensions and retiree health care that workers paid for thereby guaranteeing the pensions and health care rights of the Delphi and GM workers and others in similar straights and,

Be it further resolved that we call for a national demonstration of workers and retirees and supporters, be mobilized to demand this guarantee of the retirement and health care promises already made to the American people and,

Be it finally resolved that we recognized that this pension crisis demands a national solution in the form of strengthening Social Security, and guaranteeing pensions and health care for all.

Adopted by the CPUSA National Committee, October 16, 2005


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