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Black history defended in Jacksonville

Hundreds of historians met in Jacksonville, Florida last month to join the fight against Gov. Ron DeSantis' attempts to erase Black history.

BY: Rena Weaver| October 31, 2023
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Marxist IQ: Marxism’s continued relevance

What is the relationship between Marxism and the development of U.S. capitalism?

BY: Communist Party USA| October 25, 2023
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CP and YCL take it to the streets: Ceasefire now!

Party and YCL members are working to help build unity around the immediate demand for a ceasefire.

BY: Communist Party USA| October 23, 2023
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Come celebrate International Publishers’ centennial anniversary!

International Publishers invites you to celebrate its 100th birthday with a day-long symposium in NYC on Oct. 26th.

BY: C.J. Atkins| October 20, 2023
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Who’s afraid of democracy and why?

As fascism's financial backers seek to replace the democratic process with direct rule, Communists add to the defense of democracy its class content.

BY: Joel Wendland-Liu| October 17, 2023
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