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Eleanor everywhere

Two books about Eleanor Roosevelt, the First Lady who "comforted the distressed"  and "distressed the comfortable.”

BY: Michael James| February 10, 2021
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John Hope Franklin: Chronicler of African American history

The finest tribute to John Hope Franklin would be to continue the fight against systemic racism.

BY: Norman Markowitz| February 8, 2021
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The truth about CNN’s big lie

Outrageously, CNN equates Smith Act Trial defendants with Jan. 6 insurrectionists.

BY: Tony Pecinovsky| February 5, 2021
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Frederick Engels: A life devoted to revolution and scientific socialism

With Marx, Engels "taught the working class to know itself and be conscious of itself."

BY: Darrell Rankin| February 5, 2021
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Forget the media spin, Vietnam’s progress on COVID-19 is real

The capitalist press just can't help lying about Vietnam's progress in fighting COVID-19 and growing the economy.

BY: Amiad Horowitz| February 3, 2021
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