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Living and creative Marxism: More relevant than ever

Marxism's development as a living and creative worldview didn’t end with Marx.

BY: John Bachtell| May 31, 2018
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International Notes: Highlights from the frontlines

CP of Britain calls for left led government,  Communists of India denounce violence,  communists of Belgium support LGBTQ rights and more in this week's International Notes.

Marxist IQ: Marxism on war and peace (answers)

1.  d.  Call for French and Prussian workers to fight to end the war and make  a peace without annexations. (correct) 2.  c.   Support the Union and the Lincoln government...

BY: Communist Party USA| May 26, 2018
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Lenin’s State and Revolution today

Will new forms of state power emerge or will the existing institutions be  transformed in a U.S. socialism based on the Bill of Rights?

BY: Henry Millstein| May 24, 2018
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