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The extreme right aims for school boards

Conservatives fight (literally) for their ideology at Virginia school board meetings.

BY: Joel Cornell| September 9, 2021
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We need an economic bill of rights

Inspired by FDR, Du Bois, and the Party Program, the author proposes an economic bill of rights.

BY: M. P. Britt| September 8, 2021
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An invitation to African Americans

Join the CPUSA and its fight for anti-racist, working-class unity.

BY: Communist Party USA| August 27, 2021
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Strengthening the Party’s position on healthcare

What should be the Party's position on healthcare? The conversation continues.

Jan. 6th fascism, monopoly capital, and working-class power

The working-class struggle against fascists in the boardroom, and the boardroom itself.

BY: Joel Wendland-Liu| August 23, 2021
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