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Marxism, four U.S. national questions, and the inequality of 30,000-to-one

Committing ourselves to oppressed nations' right to self-determination will not divide, but rather strengthen and unite the workers of the world.

BY: Wadi’h Halabi| May 15, 2019
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International Notes: SACP salutes ANC victory

ANC election victory hailed; South American communists meet;  Turkey communist mayor hailed and more in this week's International Notes.

Membership Engagment: summary and proposed next steps

Report and plan from the Membership Engagement and Organizing Collective

BY: Rossana Cambron| May 15, 2019
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We need a Peace and Solidarity Commission

We live in dangerous times.  The peace movement in this country needs CPUSA's participation!

BY: Henry Lowendorf| May 15, 2019
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