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Resolutions Committee Report

Resolutions were presented to the Convention prior to our arrival at Milwaukee.

BY:Mike Bayer|September 21, 2001
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The Meaning of May Day

May Day, much like other holidays, is an occasion to break bread with family and friends in a festive atmosphere. Who in their right mind could be against that? What makes May Day different from other holidays is that it hasnt been drained of its meaning and commercialized by corporate interests.

May 08, 2003
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Save Democracy: Stop the attack on expanding voting rights

The fight for democracy in our country depends on the ability of all citizens to vote both nationally and in the states.

The 'Recruiting Pilot Project' in Illinois

In Illinois we've had a number of meetings with leaders of mass organizations and trade unions, we've received special invitations to be on steering committees and planning committees of mass coalitions, and we've had a most impressive response to our annual People's Weekly World Banquet--and in each case we've gotten comments like, 'We really need your Party to be part of these movements. We really appreciate your approach to political...

February 22, 2002
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Women's "State of the Union" and the 2016 elections

Representation in gender needs to be encouraged from those who teach, to our workplaces, unions, Congress, and yes, our presidency.

BY:Michelle Kern|June 23, 2016
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Democracy is key to defeating Trump

The fight for democracy is not a side-show, a tangent separate from “real” resistance to Trump and his ultra-right allies.

BY:Marc Brodine|February 05, 2017
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Impeachment and the battle for democracy

We are living in a broad, democratic moment:  witness the women's marches, Charlottesville, and today's  strike wave.

BY:Joe Sims|November 19, 2019
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Survival or liberation?

Black people have been warding off attacks for 400 years.  They want and need an offensive strategy to build a great popular movement to end racist oppression.

BY:Henry Winston|February 18, 2020
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The struggle of our lives: Coronavirus and capitalist crisis

We're facing a dire health crisis that's affecting many fronts. How should the Party respond?

BY:Joe Sims|March 26, 2020
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