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With solidarity, a better world is possible

A young comrade writes, "With that intense feeling of comradery, there is no reason to accept the world as it is."

BY:Ricardo Soto|May 01, 2020
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Οn the 150 years since the birth of V. I. Lenin

The Progressive Party of Working People in Cyprus, or AKEL, commemorates the legacy of V. I. Lenin.

BY:Nicos Kouzoupis|April 29, 2020
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The economy is in free fall. Is UBI the answer?

Andrew Yang, and now the Covid-19 crisis, have people talking about universal basic income.

BY:John Case|April 28, 2020
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The rubber industry: A history of exploitation

A piece of propaganda by the rubber industry offers a glimpse into ruling-class ideology.

BY:Len Yannielli|April 24, 2020
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Lenin on U.S. white supremacy

Lenin's critique of nationalism and white supremacy rings true today.

BY:Joel Wendland|April 22, 2020
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Should communists participate in electoral struggle?

Lenin knew that revolutionary potential is built through struggle--even in elections.

BY:Maicol David Lynch|April 22, 2020
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We help each other: The Unemployment Councils of the Great Depression

A brief history of the Communist Party’s Unemployment Councils.

BY:Zach Carlson|April 22, 2020
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A working-class Virginia community deals with COVID-19

Coronavirus crisis: The situation in a working-class Virginia community.

BY:Emile Schepers|April 17, 2020
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BY:Anita Waters|April 17, 2020
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