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Let's re-enter the electoral arena

Voters need real choices, and the Party should be one of them.

BY:Garron Daniels|September 24, 2020
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NYC supports NAARPR national day of action

Protesters at Union Square demand an end to police violence.

BY:Maicol David Lynch|September 24, 2020
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Democratic revolution, from one abolition to the next

The decisive defeat of reactionary forces is summed up in a single word: abolition!

BY:Scott Hiley|September 22, 2020
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The Works Progress Administration and the battle for democracy

A new "New Deal" for economic and social equality can be a reality. The old New Deal points the way.

BY:Norman Markowitz|September 16, 2020
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Call to action: Vote against fascism!

This election is mainly about defeating an extreme-right agenda.

BY:Communist Party USA|September 15, 2020
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Communist youth across the Americas ready to unite

Communist youth groups in the Americas call for an international effort to unite against the extreme right.

BY:Maicol David Lynch|September 11, 2020
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Election update: We must be fully engaged.

It would be foolhardy to assume that this election is in the bag.

Farming with principles

The concerns of a 92-year-old comrade and farmer: factory farms, fracking, and Trump's trade wars.

BY:James Heydinger Jr.|September 11, 2020
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A harbinger of fascism

The president and police are allying with right-wing violence. Is this a harbinger of fascism?

BY:Renee Levant|September 10, 2020
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Fascism: A rising danger

The real resistance to fascism is in the streets by the millions.

BY:Marc Brodine|September 03, 2020
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