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Young communists in NYC protest police violence

“How do you spell racist? NYPD!” the crowd chants at a protest in NYC.

Covid-19 in South Africa: Success and neoliberal threats

Solid gains in controlling Covid-19 could fall victim to neoliberal arm-twisting.

BY:Mark Waller|June 12, 2020
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The time is now: March and vote because your life depends on it

Report of the Political Action Commission: An electoral plan of work for moving the people's movements forward.

BY:Joelle Fishman|June 09, 2020
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A "great dictator" makes his debut

Trump's threat to send in federal troops is a threat to civil rights and democracy.

An African American life stolen in DC: We demand accountability

We demand accountability for the murder of Finan Berhe, an African-American, by Washington, DC, police.

June 01, 2020
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How to organize unemployed councils

How to Organize and Conduct United Action for the Right to Live, a manual written by Herbert Benjamin, National Organizer of the Unemployed Councils of U.S.A., was published in 1933. Contents Introduction Issues and Grievances Around Which Action Can and Must Be Taken The Organizational Forms That Provide Means of Effective Action and Struggle Where and How Committees of Action Are Formed How to...

May 28, 2020
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After COVID-19: Status quo or change?

After the pandemic, we need to return to an old idea: the commons.

BY:M. Siddique|May 26, 2020
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Will COVID-19 end neoliberal economics after Trump?

A lot of hope—and rightly so—is being placed in what a post-Trump country and world might look like. And yes, almost anything would be better. (As a popular lawn sign reads, “2020: Any Functioning Adult.”) Proposals for union-friendly organizing rights, student debt relief, a wealth tax, a green infrastructure bill (if not a Green New Deal), a rejoining of the Paris Climate Accord undertaken by a new administration would...

BY:Joe Sims|May 23, 2020
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Left-center unity in 2020

A new member speaks out on Biden's candidacy.

BY:T. J. Campsey|May 22, 2020
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The pandemic is killing us. So is neoliberalism.

It’s time to, as Bobby Seale once said, “seize the time.”

BY:Joe Sims|May 22, 2020
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