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The Middle East in Crisis

As I write, Israeli troops are invading Lebanon on its southern border. No doubt this escalation will heighten the danger of a wider war, one that could involve other state and non-state actors in that region and draw millions of people into the fighting.

July 28, 2006
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The Peace Movements Challenges in the Midterm Elections

A change in the composition of the congress will make it more possible to end the occupation in Iraq. Thats the political reality. Today I will not discuss the next national initiatives of the peace movement, nor assess the tremendous 350,000-person national demonstration on April 29, 2006 organized to mobilize the majority peace sentiments toward the 2006 midterm elections. I also will not get into the details of the upcoming...

July 08, 2006
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This Battle Can Be Won!

There are 19 weeks until Election Day, Tuesday November 7. Perhaps nothing underscores the significance of these mid-term elections more than the reality of 2500 killed and 18,000 maimed needlessly in Iraq, 100,000 Iraqi civilians lives lost.

July 08, 2006
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Taking the Peoples Weekly World to a New Level

The Peoples Weekly World is the weekly voice to reach out and influence thousands who are angry, who are questioning, and who want to change things. People are openin times like theseto alternative ideas. The newspaper can go beyond the one-on-one conversations and reach out with Marxist ideasideas of unity in every waymulti-racial, men and women, immigrant/U.S.-born, gay/straight, internationalism, pro-union, ideas that another world is possible with scientific socialism and...

July 08, 2006
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Visions of Tomorrow: Youth Demand a Better Future Keynote to YCLUSA Convention

From the schoolhouse to the streets youth are under attack! Despite the best efforts of Bush and his extreme right wing gang, youth are fighting back. We can't defeat the ultra-right without a strong and vibrant youth movement. To do that we need a strong and vibrant Young Communist League. The YCL is the only organization out there that combines a strategy to fight back today and win for the...

BY:YCLUSA|June 13, 2006
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CPUSA Statement in Response to Bush Immigration Speech

George W. Bushs speech to the nation on May 15, 2006 highlighting deployment of the National Guard to the Mexican border represents an aggressive policy of racist, anti-immigrant demonization and hysteria. It was a demagogic attempt to mobilize the conservative base and appeal to fear in the lead-up to the November Election, and impact the current Senate debate...

May 17, 2006
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Club Educational Study Guide: Immigrant Rights

This educational has the goal of upgrading our understanding of the struggle for immigrant rights and against repressive immigration legislation which is taking place right now throughout the country. The goal is to place in bold relief the central problems of inequality, criminalization, and the greed of US corporations. The suggested readings which are attached include the 2006 report to the National Board on immigration, the resolution on immigration passed...

Election 2006: The Stakes Are Very High

Main Report to National Committee, March 4, 2006 In my report to the National Committee last fall, I noted that the cumulative weight of an increasingly unpopular war, Katrina, indictments, incompetence, corruption, scandals, cronyism, and deeply felt anxiety with energy costs and the economy had taken its toll on the standing of the Bush administration...

April 14, 2006
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Change Congress 2006!Report to the National Committee

Karl Rove, top Bush advisor now facing possible indictment, arrogantly declared the Republicans will use fear of terrorism once again to win the elections in 2006. It will be about the Republicans post-9/11 worldview versus the Democrats pre-9/11 worldview he said at the Republican National Committee...

March 15, 2006
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Club Educational Study Guide: African American History Month 2006

February presents us once again with an opportunity to strengthen our basic understanding of the fight for democracy and social progress in our country. One decisive question is the relationship of the struggle of the working class to the struggle of the African American people. The core forces of the forward motion for social progress in our country consist of the working class and its organized form, the labor movement,...

BY:Communist Party USA|February 15, 2006
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