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International Greetings: Communist Party of Vietnam

Dear comrades, On the occasion of the 29th National Convention of the Communist Party of the United States of America, we would like to convey to the Convention delegates, and through you, to all American communists and working people, our warmest greetings. Over the past years, overcoming many difficulties and challenges, your Party has together with the left forces in the United States persisted in promoting the struggle for peace,...

Resistance, Popcorn Edition: Zombies, Jedi, and the Fight Against Fascism

Click here to register. What makes movies ‘political’, and how is what we watch on the big screen related to what we do online, at the ballot box, and in the street? In other words, what is the Marxist understanding of culture? Join film critic and cultural journalist Chauncey K. Robinson and arts educator Michelle P. Kern for a look at movies, Marxism, and the Resistance.  Chauncey will examine how...

December 08, 2018
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Write for rights! Workshop on writing for PW, PA and the People Before Profits Network

Come to the workshop on writing for PW, PA and the People Before Profits Network.

BY:So. California|January 18, 2011
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Election Update: Trump's the GOP nominee but can the democratic camps unite?

The big challenges in this extraordinary election cycle is building unity to defeat Trump.

BY:Joelle Fishman|May 25, 2016
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"General Law" answer

The correct answer is (a).   As capitalist accumulation progresses, the productivity of labor increases and workers’ standard of living decreases.  Sounds paradoxical, right?  In vol. 1, ch. 25 of Capital, Marx explains the cycle of accumulation.  As firms grow, they buy more equipment, which requires more workers to run.  However, due to technological progress, each new generation of equipment requires fewer workers to set in motion.  So the growth...

May 31, 2017
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Zombies, Jedi, and the Fight Against Fascism

Join the Communist Party USA for a lively discussion of how politics and pop culture shape each other!

BY:Communist Party USA|December 08, 2018
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Video: Zombies, Jedi and fighting fascism

How do politics and pop culture shape each other? These issues and more are discussed in this webinar.

BY:Communist Party USA|December 18, 2018
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Marxist Strategy and Tactics: Unity, Resistance, and the Fight for Democracy

Every day, another Cabinet pick; every day, another shock. Trump’s victory has left our movement reeling, trying to figure out how to fight on every front at once. Immigrant rights, LGBTQ equality, environmental protection, collective bargaining, Social Security, reproductive choice, worker rights, civil rights— every piece of the progressive agenda is under attack. Building the resistance will take every bit of our collective knowledge and experience.  Please join us for...

January 24, 2017
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New club forms in Michigan

The Battle Creek club plans to build a new leftist political base to launch progressive campaigns and turn the electoral tide for local races.

November 15, 2017
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This week @cpusa: Crisis in Venezuela

This week @cpusa discusses the crisis in Venezuela with Jesús Rodriguez former Consul General of Venezuela in Chicago, now editor of Orinoco Tribune. Rodriquez discusses the origins of the Bolivarian revolution, and  the reasons behind the crisis, both economic and political. The role of the U.S. is pointed to beginning with the Obama administration's declaring Venezuela a threat to national security and the imposition of sanctions.  Rodriquez discusses the role...

February 23, 2019
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