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For a united front of socialists, unions, and independents against fascism

If we want to stop fascism in the United States, we must work with other progressive forces, and this election is an opportune time to reach out.

BY:Jen W|April 11, 2024
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DC CPUSA demands home rule, democracy, and people before profits

Democracy in the District of Columbia; Home Rule is under severe attack. We face the rise of a potential fascist government in the White House in 2025.

Labor is taking on US foreign policy -- and its working

The U.S. labor movement has taken a strong stance for a ceasefire. Here's what led up to it.

BY:Anita Waters|April 02, 2024
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Our Electoral Strategy is Grounded in Marxist-Leninist Theory and Practice

Our most crucial electoral priority at this moment in time must be to win a strategic defeat against the most reactionary elements of the ruling class.

BY:Richard Green|April 02, 2024
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Our position on Palestine cannot be formed unilaterally

PPP leader Aqel Taqaz said, “All Palestinian organizations … fighting for a Palestinian independent state on the basis of the UN resolutions … within the borders of 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and the right of refugees to go back home.”  It is our responsibility to help achieve this result. The first step is forcing our own government to accept and support an immediate and permanent ceasefire.

BY:Cameron Orr|April 02, 2024
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Communist media: the terrain is challenging, but we must build there anyway

A focused, tight, and centralized media strategy with a Marxist orientation is necessary to build on the increasingly hostile terrain of US media, both digital and otherwise. We are obligated to use all methods necessary to organize our class.

BY:Taryn Fivek|April 02, 2024
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CPUSA must be a Party of militant anti-racism

Militant anti-racism is a part of our Party’s roots, grounding our outlook both historically and today. However, this rich history may be threatened by the contemporary version of the old Socialist Party assertion that fighting racism as its own distinct battle is extraneous.

BY:Dom Shannon|April 02, 2024
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Build the Party, Build the Clubs

Apply Marxist-Leninist basics to rebuilding the CPUSA.

CPUSA Peace And Solidarity Commission 2024 convention discussion

Two threats to the continued existence of the human family, and even the earth as a living planet, are nuclear war and climate scorching. These threats are linked. Addressing them is urgent.

For a one-state solution in Palestine, and other suggestions

Palestine is the site of the most important anti-imperialist struggle of today; Palestine is the Vietnam of the 1960s. Every single communist in the United States must — and with the most unapologetic, most comprehensive, and most unrestrained attitude — support Palestine. Palestine must get its liberation.

BY:Avril Marx|March 25, 2024
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