Eurocommunism or Working Class Power?

BY: Joe Sims| May 4, 2017
QIf you are Marxists, then how come you see the transition from capitalism to socialism in a way strongly reminiscent of reformist currents like Eurocommunism? --Kostas
AHello Kostas,

You may be more familiar than we are with the decisions taken by the Eurocommunists.  We assume you refer to the positions taken by the Spanish, Italian, and French leaderships during the 1980s.

If so, our outlook is quite different, more in keeping with the strategic posture taken by the world movement regarding transition in developed capitalist countries--by which we mean an anti-monopoly strategy.

Needless to say, the political situation in Western Europe is different from that in the United States, as is the form of government.  European countries have a parliamentary system, proportional representation, etc; we do not.

Briefly, we foresee and work for the creation of a third, anti-monopoly party led by labor that would lay the basis for advanced democracy and an anti-monopoly government.  Breaking the power of the big monopolies by means of radical political and economic reforms would set the stage for a transition to socialism, a working class-led state and economy.

Currently, of course, we are faced with the task of addressing the election of Trump and the danger of a descent into something like fascism.  Therefore, popular front tactics are in order.  Such tactics in no way diminish or distract from the anti-monopoly objective.  In fact, it may be that the anti-right and anti-monopoly struggles are merging.

We are well aware of the speculative nature of this enterprise, and the attendant danger of being trapped in schematic exercises.

That said, our task is to continue to fight for the independent and leading role of the working class and for a revolutionary working class party.  Unless we are mistaken, Santiago Carillo and others may have lost sight of the leading role of the working class and its party, to say nothing of the socialist goal.

We hope this answers your question.

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Emile Schepers | May 17, 2017 at 3:55 PM

The Eurocommunist tendency did a lot of damage, and almost destroyed the Communist Parties of Italy, France and other European countries. It also pretty much destroyed the once thriving Communist Party of Mexico. Now, in reaction to that horrible experience, there are some in the world communist movement who want to go to the other extreme, and wall themselves off from mass struggles by an attitude of sectarian purism. Two wrong ideas are put forth by this latter tendency: “There are no stages” and “communists should not participate in united fronts”. “The first implies that somehow we can get instant socialism, the second that self-isolation is good strategy. Such sectarianism is as big a danger as the right-opportunism of Eurocommunism.

Craig Gaulzetti | May 08, 2017 at 3:41 AM

Thank you Comrade Sims!!! To the questioner: Of course CPUSA is Marxist-Lenninist. We’re not utopion armchair theoreticians though. We’re the largest Marxist-Lenninist party in the USA and have a substantial and important base within American unions. The fact that we care about the present conditions of the proletariat in America and fight for its betterment, does not in anyway negate the revolutionary base or our commitment to dialectical materialism. Your can’t just sit around with a bunch of pseudo-intellectuals and wait for revolution to “happen”- you need to work with progressive forces and seize the opportunities antagonisms present. I think most of the nay-sayers on the left would have called Lenin a Social-Democrat revisionist when he told people to hold their horses in early 1917 and work through the democratic process. The CPUSA is not perfect, but its good group and dumb infighting at this point in history does nothing. And all of you who think it is funny to call CPUSA an FBI front, or a tool of the Democrats or any other nonsense like that- Fuck you. Folks like my grandfather lost their union stewardship, comrades were forced underground and many went to jail because of the Smith Act. MY Communist Party in MY Country has made my country a better place throughout its almost 100 year history and we still have a ton more to do.

    clint ritter | May 19, 2017 at 1:51 PM

    Give ’em Hell, Mr. G.

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