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What response do you usually have to arguments against communism such as "Communism does not work because humans are naturally...

I don’t have any specific articles to suggest on those subjects, but reference to the actual experiences of socialist countries offers some illumination on how things might work. It is...

May 15, 2016
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I am curious as to the stance of the Communist Party USA on gun ownership?

The Communist Party doesn’t have a “stance” or “official position” on gun ownership. We do support the Second Amendment rights to gun ownership, and we also support common sense restrictions...

BY: Marc Brodine| May 5, 2016
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Does the CPUSA advocate the violent overthrow of the American government? Don't all Communists advocate violence?

No, we do not. We support the fullest expression of the democratic will of the majority, advocating extending democratic control over the economic decisions which affect our lives. We believe...

BY: Marc Brodine| April 28, 2016
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How does the Communist Party work?

Members of the Communist Party belong to clubs in their communities or workplaces. Some clubs are citywide or regional. In the club, members work together to support and initiate struggles...

BY: Roberta Wood| April 28, 2016
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