Communist Party, USA: Resolution on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Rights

Whereas, Working-class consciousness cannot be genuine political consciousness unless the workers are trained to respond to all cases of tyranny, oppression, violence, and abuse, no matter what class is affected (Lenin); and,

Whereas, Lesbian, gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people face various forms of oppression and discrimination; and,

Whereas, hate crime based on sexual orientation is now the second-highest category of hate crimes in the United States, and hate crimes against LGBT people are increasing; and,

Whereas the ultra-right is using hatred and prejudice against LGBT people to divide the working class; and,

Whereas the Communist Party, USA is committed to fighting against oppression and for working-class unity;

Therefore be it resolved that the Communist Party, USA redouble its efforts to fight oppression of LGBT people; and,

Be it further resolved that the Communist Party step up its efforts to work for full equality for LGBT people; and,

Be it further resolved to establish a National Commission of the Party on the fight for LGBT rights and equality.

Adopted by the 28th National Convention of the Communist Party, USA, Chicago, IL; July 1-3, 2005.