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Stop the war on women

Abortion care is health care! Take the pledge to stop Trump, the evangelical right and the GOP's war on women.  The time to act is now.

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Abolish Electoral College

Join the effort to abolish the Electoral College and end Citizens United.

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Nurses’ Medicare For All campaign picks up key lawmakers

WASHINGTON—National Nurses United’s long-running campaign to garner congressional support for Medicare For All has won several key lawmakers – Reps. Adam Smith, D-Wash., Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, and Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y. – to the cause. Signing up Doggett is important. He chairs the House Ways and Means Health subcommittee, which co-writes...

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Curse of the pharaohs hits Trump in the form of impeachment

Although he took over power after leading a military coup in 2013, Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has been consistently praised by U.S. President Donald Trump. Sisi’s coup was not only against the legitimate elected President Mohamed Morsi, but also against the entire nascent democracy experience that came about through...

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socialism in usa

Bill of Rights Socialism

socialism in usa

Socialism is a common-sense path to a fairer, more prosperous and more democratic USA. Socialism is also a desperate necessity as capitalism and its unrelenting drive for profits threaten to make our planet uninhabitable. Working families in America – the 99% - between us create all the products and services that make our country the richest nation in the history of humankind. It doesn’t make sense that these collectively produced resources are owned and controlled by a tiny handful of billionaires. The fight for socialism is a dynamic process to fulfill the vision of a future of peace, justice and fairness for our nation and our world.

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Have a question about CPUSA and our stance on issues? Our CPUSA experts are standing by to give you an answer!

  • Q
    What is CPUSA stance on the FEDERAL Reserve Banking System? Income taxes and property taxes, should they be abolished?
  • A
    Hi, and thanks for writing in.  You raise an interesting question. Since I'm a bit more familiar with the tax code than with the Federal Reserve, I'm going to concentrate on that.  But I think the basic idea is the same.  Unless we abolish capitalism, abolishing taxes and a central bank will just help the rich. From CPUSA's perspective, the problem isn't taxation itself.  It's who pays taxes, how much they pay, and what the money is used for.  Basically, the working class and small business owners get screwed in three ways. First, our tax system is extremely regressive, meaning less wealthy people bear a disproportionate part of the tax burden. We pay income taxes and property taxes (and sales...

Party Voices

BY: Communist Party USA| February 23, 2019

This week @cpusa discusses the crisis in Venezuela with Jesús Rodriguez former Consul General of Venezuela in Chicago, now editor of Orinoco Tribune. Rodriquez discusses the origins of the Bolivarian revolution, and  the reasons behind the crisis, both economic and political. The role of the U.S. is pointed to beginning with the Obama administration's declaring Venezuela a threat to national security and the imposition of sanctions.  Rodriquez discusses the role of oil in creating and worsening the crisis, the progress made in Venezuela along with mistakes made by the government.          

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BY: Maicol David Lynch| April 29, 2019

  Thank you to both the youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and the youth of the Communist Party of Venezuela for hosting this General Council Meeting of the World Federation of Democratic Youth and for helping an American citizen like myself enter the country under such dire circumstances. As many of you can probably imagine, the youth of the Communist Party USA has had no break since the election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency in 2016. Since then, over 3,000 new members have joined our ranks; mostly under the age of 35. The excitement over...

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BY: Joe Sims| October 08, 2019

Editor's Note: Speech of Joe Sims, CPUSA co-chair at the Cleveland Ohio 100th anniversary celebration, September 29, 2019. Happy 100th birthday Communist Party USA! On behalf of the leadership of our fighting party, Rossana Cambron and I want to greet this Ohio celebration of our 100th anniversary. And we've got a lot to celebrate. For 100 years, our party has been in the thick of the class and democratic battles of our country, and that includes here in the Buckeye State. Today we remember and say the names of Charles Ruthenberg of Cleveland, who led the fight in 1919 to...

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