Ohio club protests the war

BY: Scott Gann| March 17, 2022
Ohio club protests the war


An anti-war demonstration was organized and hosted by the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) on March 6 in Columbus, Ohio. Members of the Anna Hass Morgan Club (the local Columbus chapter of CPUSA) united with local members of PSL at the corner of West North Broadway and North High Street in Clintonville in a defiant display protesting not only Russian but NATO aggression as well.

About 30 like-minded community members attended the protest.  Signs were emblazoned with anti-war phrases such as No War, No Escalation, and Peace Is Possible. This general message was appreciated by passers-by, who showed their support by honking, gesturing with their hands, and yelling out of their car windows.

Three speeches were given by the members of the organizing parties. Most focused on the visceral realities of war, NATO’s continuous expansionism in the region, and the U.S.’s hypocrisy in the wake of the Russian invasion. A member of the Communist Party said:

Aggression can never be the solution. Wars of expansion do not breed progress, not even with a laundry list of justifications. Today, we stand with the victims of imperialist aggression the world over, whether that aggression is expressed in boots on the ground invasion and occupation, bombs dropped from unmanned drones, imprisoning of anti-war protestors, or sanctions that only hurt working-class people by denying them access to their money, medical supplies, or building materials. We stand with them in demanding an end to the invasions, occupations, and aggression being inflicted upon human beings around the globe. We demand a path towards real, lasting peace. For everyone.

This demonstration will not be the end of Columbus, Ohio’s anti-war and anti-NATO actions. We will continue to organize against imperialist wars, and we will continue to stand in solidarity with the victims of imperialist aggression.


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