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BY:Joelle Fishman| April 2, 2012

Today the corporate extreme right-wing makes no attempt to hide their true agenda, from direct assaults upon organized labor to renewing what most thought was a settled argument of women’s access to reproductive health, and racist demonization of youth of color. Some think a debate of right-wing ideas will lead to the downfall of the Republican Party, but the Republican presidential primary shows how the extreme right-wing distorts democratic debate and opens the door for reactionary solutions. Some of which ultimately prove deadly to the working class. This month’s newsletter examines the tone of the Republican presidential contest, how it poisons the air, and bitter results of right-wing legislation on the State level.

Beware! Poison in the air

As the GOP presidential nominating contest drags on, some Democratic strategists hope the ongoing debate between the candidates leaves the eventual nominee weakened and the Party damaged.

Others hope to maneuver one of the most right-wing candidates into a position of possible nomination, believing them to be the weakest candidates to take on the President. The solution to defeating the extreme right-wing however is not to give them more access to the airwaves during a long primary battle, it is to isolate their message and put a cork in the bottle of poison they wish to feed the body politic.   In 1964, in his quest for the GOP Presidential nomination, Senator Barry Goldwater left the Republican Party split and went on to lose in a landslide in November. But it was his campaign that gave birth to the political career of Ronald Reagan and wrested the Republican Party from the Eastern Establishment and into the hands of the right-wing. The Tea Party corporate right-wing message all through this nominating season shifts the debate into a reactionary mode. In 1994, as a candidate for US Senate in Massachusetts, Mitt Romney staked out pro-women and pro-LGBT positions in his contest against Ted Kennedy. Today, thanks to the right wing tone of the debate those Romney positions are repudiated by Romney himself as he tries to compete with Rick Santorum and the rhetoric becomes ever more dangerous for our democracy.

Nothing can be taken for granted in this election. To defeat the extreme reactionary agenda will require everyone getting involved

Over 50 national organizations including unions, MoveOn and many others are holding trainings April 9-15 for 99% Spring, to target corporate greed. On Tax Day, April 17 there will be protests around the country. Look for the events near you. 

A new film by Robert Greenwald, “Koch Brothers Exposed – the 1% at its Very Worst” was just released. Sign up to host or organize a house party. A large democratic-minded groundswell can overcome their political manipulations this November.

Justice for Tayvon Martin

Ultra-Right legislators and the gun lobby have already wrecked havoc upon the jurisprudence of 16 States with ‘stand-your-ground’ laws.

It was this sort of law that has unleashed and left unpunished, armed, racist vigilantes and left dead innocent children. The case of Trayvon Martin in Florida is one of the most disturbing. Across the country, an anti-racist outpouring of youth, elected officials and democratic minded people are speaking out

The killing has become a wake-up call to the threat of far-right policies. 

Take Action! 

Sign the petition by the parents of Trayvon Martin

Contact Congress: American Jobs Act

The Republican controlled House voted at lightening speed for Paul Ryan’s pro-Wall St budget which would devastate the 99%. National Priorities Project compares the competing visions of the Ryan budget to the Obama budget and the Congressional Progressive Caucus budgets which were voted down. 

No sooner did the House act, then U.S. Senator Tom Harkin introduced the Rebuild America Act, which includes elements of the CPC proposal.  It will create jobs, invest in education, tax the wealthy and reorder priorities to benefit the majority in our country. Tell your senator to join in co-sponsoring the Rebuild America Act (PDF download).

Handouts to share in your community

 Save Our Nation – Tax Corporations – Tax the Rich (PDF)

¡Salvemos nuestra nación! – !Impuesto para las empresas! – ¡Impuesto para los ricos! (PDF) 

“Why Vote?” flyer [English / Spanish] (PDF) 

For more information 

Communist Party USA

Young Communist League USA

People’s World

Mundo Popular






    Joelle Fishman chairs the Connecticut Communist Party USA. She is a Commissioner on the City of New Haven Peace Commission, serves on the executive board of the Alliance of Retired Americans in Connecticut and is an active member of many economic rights and social justice organizations. She was a candidate for Congress from 1973 to 1982, maintaining minor-party ballot status for the Communist Party in Connecticut's Third Congressional District. As chair of the CPUSA Political Action Commission, she has played an active role in the broad labor and people's alliance that defeated the ultra-right in the 2008 elections and continues to mobilize for health care, worker rights and peace.



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