Time for a universal basic income

BY:Diane Mohney| February 5, 2020
Time for a universal basic income


It seems to me that a guaranteed income is the answer to winning over workers who are waiting for jobs to be created by the Green New Deal. People have to know they will have an income and be able to support their families in the interim.  Also, they will need to have health insurance while they are waiting for jobs or for retraining to materialize. The guaranteed income must be the same as their current income and benefits.

If I remember correctly, the late John Conyers’ bill for Medicare for All (H.R. 676) included a provision for retraining and job placement for workers who would be displaced from insurance company jobs as a result of the legislation.  They would receive two years of transition benefits, including income commensurate with their previous year’s salary. At the same time, industrial workers would be needed to meet the increased demand for medical equipment and supplies required by providers because more people could actually go for care.

Actually, it’s probably time to bring up the demand for a guaranteed income for all workers.

Image: Ron Mader, Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0.


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