National party building conference: Call to action

BY:National Board, CPUSA| August 29, 2017 | Download PDF
National party building conference: Call to action

It’s party building time!

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Our country is in the midst of one of the most important moments in its history. A mass democratic movement has arisen to challenge the Trump administration and its Wall Street and Chamber of Commerce backers.

In response to Trump’s war mongering and his attacks on workers, immigrants, people of color, women, Muslims, LGBTQ people, the press, the environment, and health care, people are rising up and challenging the administration at every turn.

After Trump gave comfort to fascist and KKK thugs in Charlottesville, people from all walks of life organized, demonstrated, held vigils, and signed petitions demanding that the white supremacists be pushed back.

Coalitions are forming in neighborhoods, on campuses, and in cities and towns all across the country demanding Trump’s impeachment, supporting the vigorous conduct  of Congressional investigations, and an end to the extreme right provocations.

Important victories have already been won, most recently in defeating the attempt to repeal Obamacare, but the fight  is far from over. For the struggle to succeed, the labor movement and the working class in general must play a leading role.

In this fight, our class and people are drawing conclusions about the nature of the crisis, its systemic roots and what it will take to address it. Socialist solutions are becoming ever more popular, as is interest in the Communist Party.

More and more, our working class and people are looking to the Communist Party for revolutionary solutions to today’s challenges, including the burdens of stagnant wages,  unpayable student debt, police murder, and global warming as well as growing racism, sexism and homophobia.

Indeed, it will take a fighting working-class revolutionary party to tackle these issues both in the immediate day-to-day battles for survival and in the longer-term fight for socialism.

In this fight, the party is indispensable; it brings to the class and democratic battles  an understanding of the need for working-class leadership. It brings an understanding of the need for broad and flexible tactics. It brings  an understanding of  the all-important requirement of unity. Its leadership must be won in the workplace, in the classrooms,  and in the neighborhoods. Its leadership must be won defending and advancing our class and people’s interests on the issues that matter: peace; jobs; healthcare; housing; a safe environment and the right to live in a country free of racist, sexist, and anti-gay bigotry.

It will take a fighting party armed with the most advanced ideas of Marx and Lenin, utilizing every possible means of organizing, to lead and win the working-class majority to defeat the right and neo-fascist forces and win the battle for democracy.

In order to lay the basis for achieving these goals and consolidating our recent growth, the Communist Party USA calls upon its members, clubs and districts to participate in a national Party-building conference November 11th to 12th. There we will make plans for building the party in the course of struggle, establish new clubs, and fine tune our face-to-face and social-network organizing.  See you at the conference!


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