Lenin’s State and Revolution today

BY:Henry Millstein| May 24, 2018
Lenin’s State and Revolution today


Lenin’s State and Revolution has become a Marxist classic. Written while in hiding in August of 1917 it brings forward the Marxist theory of the state with particular attention to Russia.  During the course of the 20th century the capitalist state has grown significantly in scope, role and function.  What are there differences between the state during Lenin’s time and today? What are the similarities? Most importantly how will these views affect how the working-class and revolutionary movement views the state in the period leading up to and after the working class conquest of political power? Will new forms of state power emerge or will the existing institutions be  transformed?

The overall goal of this webinar is to encourage thinking about what socialism in the US might look like. Lenin’s State and Revolution has long been a guide to Marxist discussion of a socialist state. We’re going to look into this text and see what it has to say to us today. We’ll start with a review of the key points in the book and move on to discuss what relevance they may have as we look forward to a socialist future.



    Hank Millstein is a long-time peace and labor activist. He's a fiction writer and journalist and a member of the National Writers Union. A practicing Roman Catholic and activist in several faith-based social justice organizations, he serves on the National Committee and the Religion Commission of the Communist Party USA.

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