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Convention Discussion: The Communist Party & the road ahead

Submitted by Garon Arhcer, of Johnson City, TN As we enter 2014 and the 30th national convention of the Communist Party, we should be asking ourselves the important questions. Has the working class gained significant ground in the democratic struggle against the far-right agenda? How has the playing field changed post Occupy? Are we seeing a resurgence of militant working class struggle? What does this mean for the Communist Party?...

BY:Garon Archer|April 20, 2014
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Convention Discussion: Fighting the right danger in a 'Blue' State

Submitted by David Mirtz, Bronx, NY The Framing Document asks questions about the role of the Democratic Party and what our attitude should be towards it - specifically in our local area. This is an attempt to briefly explore some of those questions in the context of New York City and State, one of the 'Blue' states. The reactionary policies of the GOP nationally have alienated the 'moderate' republicanism in...

BY:David Mirtz|May 04, 2014
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Convention Discussion: The two party system is in crisis

Submitted by Michael Bayer, Indiana The two party system is in crisis. While several minor parties have always existed, there have always been only two that could win the presidency because of the anti-democratic Electoral College and the role of federalism (and therefore state's rights) in our government, Throughout our history these parties have represented sectional or sectoral interests; manufacturers, finance, big land owners, mining interests, etc. Nothing was more...

BY:Michael Bayer|June 04, 2014
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Greetings from the Communist Party of Chile

Dear comrades of the CPUSA, The Communist Party of Chile salutes the 30th National Convention of the Communist Party USA, wishing you the best of success in the working out of the policies of the United States communists in your struggle for the interests of the workers and for world peace. Please receive, each and every one, an affectionate greeting and our homage for the struggle you have developed and...

Greetings from the South African Communist Party

Message of greetings from the South African Communist Party to the 28th National Convention of the CPUSA.

Setting the record straight: CPUSA position on 2004 elections

In the past month, several phony reports have been circulated by right-leaning papers and websites -- making various false claims about the Communist Party position on the 2004 elections... The red-baiting forgeries are just another part of the Bush campaign which is running on lies and fear. So, for the record, the CPUSA position on the 2004 elections:

Proletarian internationalism

The Communist Party has a special responsibility here in the heart of world capital, imperialism, and reaction.

People power: At the ballot box and beyond

After the elections, will we be fighting for our lives or for the advanced demands we need? The answer depends on a massive voter turnout on November 3.

Action Alert for Peace and Economic Justice #1

ACTION ALERT for Peace and Economic Justice #1 September 30, 2001