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Virus crisis around the world

International comrades and friends offer their personal and political views of the coronavirus crisis in their home countries.

Trump and the militias consummate their marriage

The right-wing rallies against stay-at-home orders starkly reveal the stakes of the presidential election.

BY:Max Elbaum|May 06, 2020
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After COVID-19: Status quo or change?

After the pandemic, we need to return to an old idea: the commons.

BY:M. Siddique|May 26, 2020
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Hochschild's "Rebel Cinderella": A review

Despite her rags-to-riches life, Rose Pastor Stokes never abandoned the working class.

BY:Michael James|July 09, 2020
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Election countdown: #VoteAgainstFascism

There is much more clarity in general, and in our Party, on the stakes of the presidential election.

BY:Joelle Fishman|October 12, 2020
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The popular front is dead! Long live the popular front!!

Keeping the anti-Trump movement as united as possible will be vital.

BY:Joe Sims|December 09, 2020
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Martin Luther King, Jr.: An inspiration in his time and ours

The circumstances, challenges, and experiences that produced greatness in King.

Carter Woodson and the road to African American History Month

Meet Carter G. Woodson, the Black historian who founded Negro History Week in 1926.

BY:Norman Markowitz|February 23, 2021
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Mike Gold, communist author, gets his due

The arrival of a long-overdue biography of Michael Gold is well worth the wait.

BY:John Pietaro|May 20, 2021
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Taking action on Palestine

On the Palestinian issue, we must act: A report by the Political Action Commission

BY:Joelle Fishman|June 04, 2021
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