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BY: CPUSA Organizing Department| September 21, 2001

Communist Party USA held its 27th National Convention July 6-8, 2001 at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. The following were the workshops from the Convention Agenda.

Issues Workshops Friday 3-4:30pm

1) The Fight for Independent Politics: Today’s and Tomorrow’s Challenges
2) Building Solidarity in Our Hemisphere
3) New Features in the Struggle for Puerto Rican Equality
4) New Features in the Struggle for African American Equality
5) New Features in the Struggle for Mexican American Equality
6) New Features in the Struggle for Native American Equality
7) The Bush-Ultra Right Attack on Women’s Rights: A National Emergency
8) Building a Larger, More Powerful Labor Movement
9) Saving Our Schools: Fighting Privatization
10) Quality of Life for Working Families
11) For Gay and Lesbian Rights: Defeat the Ultra Right
12) The Role of Religion in the Class Struggle
13) The New Movement Among Seniors

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Issues Workshops Saturday 3-4:30pm

1) The Youth Movement in the 21st Century
2) Deindustrialization: A Crisis for Families and Communities
3) The Fight for Workingclass Culture
4) Socialism, USA: Getting There from Here
5) Fighting Racism: Foundation for Unity
6) Saving the Planet from Corporate Greed
7) The Crises in Rural America and among Farm Workers
8) Immigrant Rights: Union Organizing and Solidarity Movements
9) The Threat of War in a U.S-Dominated World
10) The Fight for Peace and Democracy in the Middle East
11) The Energy Crisis and the Fight for Public Ownership
12) Labor-Community Coalition Building
13) Health Care for All

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Organizing Workshops Saturday 4:30-6pm

1) Transforming Community Clubs: Coalition Building at the Grass Roots
2) Transforming Industrial/Shop clubs: Coalition Building at the Grass Roots
3) The People’s Weekly World: Organizer, Mobilizer, Educator
4) Writing for the PWW
5) Marxist Education and Ideological Work: Training Communists
6) Local Elections: Grassroots Campaigns and Candidacies
7) Internet: Information, Mobilizer, Organizing Tool
8) Independent Media
9) Organizing the Party in Unorganized and Rural Areas
10) Funds make the Party and PWW Go
11) Political Affairs: Marxists and the Non-Marxist Left: Building Coalitions
12) People’s Economics
13) Building Our Future: The YCL



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