Greetings from the Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL) Cyprus


The Central Committee of AKEL is extending its wishes to the Communist Party of USA for a successful and fruitful 30th Convention and sends also warm congratulations for the anniversary of the 95 years of your Party. Your Party has been evolved within one of the main centers of the imperialist new world order and capitalism. The communists of USA for decades have sacrificed their lives for their communist ideals and have been a bright inspiration for their comrades throughout the world. Their struggles against anti-communist hysteria, imperialist aggression, racial discriminations and towards social progress, peace and socialism were and still are timely and significant.

The glorious streets of Chicago, where your Convention is held, are still inspiring the working people around the world which is under the great attack against their historical conquests. The revolt of the American workers in 1886 still remind us that the gains of the workers come only through organized struggle and sacrifices of the organized class-oriented working people.

Your 30th Convention is held while the humanity is witnessing during the last years one more crisis of the capitalist system that is transferring its heavy consequences to the working people and the popular strata.

Furthermore, capitalism is extending its goals due to the needs of the multinational capital for gaining access in new markets. The main consequences are the imperialist aggression, the enslavement of states in a vicious circle of external debt, the destruction of the environment and the demolition of the welfare state and workers’ conquests around the world.

Cyprus has also been one of the victims of the imperialist plans in the region of the Mediterranean. AKEL and the Cypriot people still struggles for terminating the 40 years-old Turkish occupation and partition of our country. The international solidarity of the foreign parties has always been valuable to our struggle for achieving reunification of our island in the framework of a bizonal-bicommunal federation with political equality and a single sovereignty, single citizenship and single international personality.

We would like to express our solidarity towards your struggle in the USA for preventing the US imperialist policies and the attacks on the American working class. Your role in anti-capitalist struggles during the last years has contributed in the awareness of many American citizens for the need of a fundamental change of the current socio-economic standards and principles that prevail in the American society and political system. We believe that despite the distance between our countries, our two

Parties may be looking forward towards the continuation and further enhancement of our bilateral relations based in our common ideology and goals. Once more we wish fruitful deliberations of your Congress.

With solidarity,

The Central Committee of AKEL


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