Greetings from the Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia


Dear comrades,

Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia gives its most cordially greetings to your 30th Convention. Accept please this letter as our message of both the fellowship and the solidarity.

In the same time, We would like to congratulate you for the 95th Anniversary of the CP USA to be established. The Communist movement has witnessed its ups and downs also in the Northern America. It seems to be twice more difficult to work in the benefit of ordinary people in the conditions of the “American Dream”, where the priorities of both the upbringing and the politics have been the individualism and the competition, the profit being superior to the mutual man-to-man relations.

The situation all around the world, and therefore in your country, too, especially after the crisis’ outbreak in 2008, has immensely worsen. Class conflicts escalate within every country, with imperialism’s efforts to resolve its internal issues by causing and supporting as well as by direct waging of conflicts against the states which wouldn’t be willing to subjugate themselves to the dictate of current imperialism, how you can see it today, for example, in Ukraine, Syria, Mali or in other African countries as Well as in reactionary attempts to reverse the developments in Latin America. »

Although our countries are situated thousands miles far from each other, there are the same concrete issues in them to be vital and necessary to resolve immediately in sustainable way. The costs for medical care and for education increase for ordinary people, public transport into far corners of our countries collapses, pensioners consider more and more difficult to keep the level of their living standards. Nevertheless, there is plenty of money in both our countries look only at the growth of military spending or at net profits of multinational monopolies but Within the capitalist order, there is no will to resolve anything just in favour of ordinary people.

We believe, that the Congresses of Communist and workers’ parties, thus that of your one as well, can both contribute to strengthen mutual cooperation and to the way their voices to be heard more as well as they would be able to influence more the broad masses in their understanding of the necessity to change the social order so the peace, equality and social progress to be reached.

Long life international solidarity, long life the socialism! We wish to your Convention plenary every success, and to your party in general to strengthen its influence in the society.

Most cordially comradely greetings,

Vojtěch Filip
Chairman of KSCM’S CC


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