Good morning, revolution! Alabama judge thinks two cells is a baby

BY: Communist Party USA| February 23, 2024
Good morning, revolution! Alabama judge thinks two cells is a baby


Today marks the 156th birthday of W.E.B. Dubois!

A Bible-thumping Alabama judge has escalated attacks reproductive rights, claiming that embryos created through in vitro fertilization (IVF) are children. Since the ruling, two of the state’s eight fertility clinics have paused IVF treatments. What’s going on here?

Trump has promised the largest deportation action in U.S. history, accused migrants of “poisoning our blood,” and is planning mass deportation camps for immigrants. Why is the extreme right moving toward implementing openly fascist attacks undocumented people?

The U.S. representative in the UN Security Council for the third time vetoed a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Palestine. What are the real reasons for U.S. support for the genocide, and what will it take to stop it?

Tennessee State Representative Justin Jones introduced a measure to honor the band Paramore and Allison Russell. The Republican-dominated state legislature, however, refused to recognize Russell, a Black singer. Meanwhile, Beyonce now has a chart-topping country song, causing consternation among some who see country music as the providence of conservative white guys. What is the real history of country music? And what can culture contribute to movements for social progress?

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