CPUSA celebrates International Workers Day

BY: Communist Party USA| May 3, 2022
CPUSA celebrates International Workers Day


Los Angeles

Close to 5,000 people attended the May Day march, including CPUSA Co-Chair Rossana Cambron (top).

New York City

Party and YCL members in NYC were among those out in full force, proudly carrying red flags. Read more about the New York march here.


The CPUSA Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Club was well represented at this year’s International Workers Day event held by the AFL-CIO Central Labor Council in Dallas. This was the second annual May Day event in North Texas, the biggest in the region’s history, and more vibrant this year because of the sunny weather.

On this occasion, the CPUSA DFW Club rededicated itself to the cause of working people everywhere, commemorating those who have fallen in struggle so that we could see better days.

“Obviously nothing stands still. While we enjoy the chance to socialize and remember with our comrades on May Day, we also know that as long as we work in the belly of the capitalist beast, there will always be battles,” the CPUSA DFW Club said in a statement met with applause at the event. “As communists we understand this grim reality. We also know that together we can forge a world for the benefit of workers, instead of bosses.”

“And that broader vision is what keeps us going shoulder to shoulder with our union brothers and sisters.”

In 2021 the CPUSA DFW Club attended the May Day event, but did not have a formal table as other left and socialist parties and organizations did. This year, the club hosted a table — the first for the CPUSA in the area since the 1980s — decorated with the Party flag. Our tabling on May Day reflected our efforts to rebuild the club in the past year, and build friendships and strengthen unity with those who share our enthusiasm in advancing the interests of the working class and the struggle for humanity as a whole — unshackled to profit.

“It’s very important for us to understand on this historic day that 20 years ago, 30 years ago, 40 years ago, 50 years ago, black and brown were not supposed to be meeting with each other,” Olinka Green of Dallas Peace and Justice said. “We were not supposed to be unionizing, we were not supposed to be socializing. But this shows right here today how important it is for all people to come together to work together.”

The event was hugely successful, for both the Dallas AFL-CIO and the CPUSA DFW Club. The club signed up new members; distributed literature, including Organizing Methods in the Steel Industry by William Z. Foster and How We Won at Amazon by ALU organizing committee member Justine Medina; and promoted People’s World and the People’s World online May Day event. Two of our members spoke and were met warmly by the people at the event with no red-baiting or hecklers.

The CPUSA DFW Club channeled the words of labor organizer George Myers in its statement at the event. Myers was once asked why, if he was such a successful organizer, did he need to join the Communist Party? His answer was simple: “I got tired of fighting the same battles over and over again.”


Workers rights and international solidarity go hand in hand.


Rain and cold couldn’t keep folks away on May Day.


North Carolina

The youth turn out for a May Day rally in Durham, NC.


YCL members gather to watch the People’s World online May Day event, at their meeting space on Baltimore Avenue in Philly.

Images: SoCal CPUSA District, New York CPUSA District, Minneapolis CPUSA, YCL in Philadelphia.


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