Convention Discussion: Let’s stick to the facts

BY: Chester Steorra| May 15, 2010

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There are good reasons to be disappointed in the ability of the peace movement or the Party to significantly stop imperialist wars. But our disappointment should not lead to misstatements of fact or falsification of history.

In Mark Anderson’s preconvention statement is written, “Almost immediately after the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Party leadership abandoned the antiwar movement’s call for immediate withdrawal from that country.”

Anderson also writes, “Instead of maintaining a resolute stand against the war, our Party’s leadership caved in to the pressure and parroted conservative, liberal and State Department arguments that the U.S. presence was helping to establish democracy there…”

With a little effort searching statements from the Party, Party leadership and PWW in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006, Anderson’s statements are demonstrably false.

From a press release from the CPUSA ORGANIZING DEPARTMENT, March 22, 2003: “The peace movement in its millions must call for an immediate cessation of hostilities, withdrawal of the troops, the sending of a UN peacekeeping force and reconstruction team to Iraq.” In that same release: “Iraq is the first proving ground for Bush’s ‘new and exceedingly dangerous doctrine, whose three pillars are preemptive strikes, regime change, and the dominance of U.S. Imperialism.'”

April 1, 2003, “The peace movement was not shocked and awed into silence when the bombs started flying. Instead, millions are marching for peace here and around the world. The demand is: Stop the bombing! Stop the killing! Bring the troops home!”

From Sam Webbs’ opening report to the CPUSA National Committee meeting held in New York City, June 28-29, 2003. “The task of the peace movement is to demand that our troops be brought home, the occupation ended, the money saved be redirected to social needs here, and support be extended to the UN. By any standard of justice, the US government should pay an indemnity to the Iraqi people for the death and destruction resulting from an invasion that was based on a very big lie.” 

Casual Imperialism, People’s Weekly World, August 16, 2003: “Don’t be fooled by the short-sleeves, by the exaggerated bonhomie for the Iraqis, by the apparent leniency of U.S. imperialism. This is rule without pageantry, empire in shirtsleeves, casualness, but casual imperialism nonetheless.”

National 2004 Elections Conference, Communist Party USA January 31, 2004, New York City, Keynote Address “A real program to meet the needs of the Iraqis would end the US occupation, bring the troops home now, end the policy of pre-emptive war, and transfer funds from the military budget to human needs.”

28TH NATIONAL CONVENTION, July 20 2005, Resolutions, Iraq War: “Therefore be it resolved, that the Communist Party, USA calls for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq; and, 

Be it further resolved, that reparations be paid to the Iraqi people from the U.S. to restore their economy to its pre-war state and as restitution for the injuries and suffering inflicted upon them…” 

Marching, Organizing and Voting to End the War in Iraq: CPUSA Peace Mobilization 2006: “The Communist Party, USA is firmly committed to helping end the war in Iraq and bringing the troops home immediately; …SUPPORTS the call of United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) for coordinated grassroots local actions during the week of March 15-22, 2006 in cities all across the country to mark the 3rd anniversary of the start of the Iraq war, to demand: End the Occupation of Iraq, Bring the Troops Home Now, No U.S. Bases in Iraq.”

The Party continued to call for immediate withdrawal from Iraq through 2006 and beyond. It called the U.S. invasion “imperialism.” The State Department has never admitted to U.S. imperialism.

Yes, let us criticize errors and propose better theory, better practice, better solutions. But there is more than enough nonsense flying around. Stop baseless attacks. Let’s stick to the facts.


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