Why do communists participate in elections?

April 30, 2016

Communists believe in being fully engaged in the electoral-legislative arena because In the United States and other advanced capitalist countries, it is the main arena of the class struggle.  The electoral-legislative arena is where the two contending classes —the working people (the 99%) and the billionaires —deploy their resources, human, financial, technical, educational, etc.. more than anywhere else. It is the arena where power is exercised and policies are finalized.  In this arena, as well as at the grassroots, we work to advance the strategy of defeating right wing extremism so as to open the door to defeating corporate power generally and moving toward socialism.  We maintain our own independent program, organization and long-term outlook while working with labor and all of its allies to fight for their demands as well as to help their efforts to do voter registration, education and get out the vote.  We work to elect progressive candidates, enact laws that benefit the working people and thereby shift the balance of power away from the billionaires.

Rick Nagin


Ohio District CPUSA


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