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Sep 2022


12:00 PM

CPUSA International Conference 2022

Online/Phone Only United States

  This September 10th & 11th, 2022, for the first time ever, the Communist Party USA will host an online international conference on internationalism and anti-imperialism.¬† This international¬†conference is co-sponsored by the CPUSA International Department and the Peace and Solidarity Commission. This conference comes at a very important and dynamic time. U.S. imperialism is on the march at a rate that we have not seen in decades. The looming end of the mono-polar world order is causing much distress among…

Sep 2022


7:00 PM

Communists and religion

Online/Phone Only United States

  Communists and Religion Progressive religious communities, organizations, and individuals form an important segment of the all-people's front against the extreme right and for progressive change. This class aims to explore how Communists reach out to and work with religious communities and individuals to build the unity of progressive forces. After a brief review of the history of participation and leadership of people of various religious traditions in the CPUSA, a number of active Party members will discuss the relationship…

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