The radicalism of WEB Du Bois and Martin Luther King Jr.

BY:Communist Party USA| January 10, 2018
The radicalism of WEB Du Bois and Martin Luther King Jr.

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As the debate between Cornell West and Ta-Nehisi Coates demonstrates, how to confront racism and capitalism remains at the top of the freedom movement’s agenda. Has all hope for defeating racism disappeared or is it possible by identifying its sources in capitalist empire to discover a means for combating its influence and rescuing both people of color and whites from the ideology’s influence?

Both issues were at the center of the lives and work of WEB Du Bois and Martin Luther King Jr., who as they matured, developed an increasingly radical critique of U.S. capitalism and imperialism.  Du Bois had said famously that “the problem of the 20th century is the problem of the color line” and early on saw imperialist conflict as its outgrowth pointing to the African roots of World War I.  Martin Luther King Jr. while early in his career following the lead of the civil rights movement focused on combating de jure segregation, as time went by saw the link between the bombs that drop in Vietnam and why they are “exploding at home.”

Upon Du Bois’s death in 1963 and King’s death in 1968, both had grown more radical in their critique aimed at capitalism – and concerned about America’s anti-communist sentiments.

The radical critique of capitalism of both Du Bois and King  and their lessons for today will be the subject of a webinar led by Professor Ed Carson on Sunday January 14th at 8:00 PM.

By exploring their interpretation of biblical literature, images, and shared concerns about capitalism, this session elevates the often forgotten struggles against capitalism by Du Bois in the year of his 150th birthday, and the emerging radical capacity of King in the 50th year of his death.

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