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March 6, 2009


Dear friend,

For thirty years the far right has dominated American political life. Conservative media institutions like Fox News have been key to their domination.
While the big corporations and the mega-rich back the rightwing media, the Communist Party depends on working people like you to support its work.

Now after the Bush Administration has screwed up the country and the world with its economic policies and disastrous wars, the right wing wants to blame everybody but themselves for the mess were in.

For weeks now, right-wing bloggers and talk shows have been trying to paint President Barack Obama as a socialist in order to scare people away from his policies. And they have been telling lies about the Communist Party USA as well.

Yesterday, Communist Party National Chairman Sam Webb accepted an invitation onto conservative television host Glenn Becks Fox News show in order to give our side of the story.

Watch the full video on our website.

Sam held his own against Beck despite being cut off repeatedly and other gimmicks. Becks claim that Hitler was a socialist doesnt hold up to common sense and neither is the idea that big government is the source of our problems. Obviously Beck and Fox arent all that interested in a real discussion about the countrys problems.

As Sam said on the show, This country has been brought to its economic knees because the policies of the Bush Administration and Wall Street. You dont have to be a communist to agree with that.
Help the Communist Party spread the word about the roots of the crisis in our country and the solutions for working people. Give today.

Communist Party



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