Southern exposure: Reds ahead, Reds behind!

BY:Jim Lane| November 17, 2010
Southern exposure: Reds ahead, Reds behind!

Today Scott Marshall pilots the Little Red Rover from Louisville, Ky., even further into the Southland. Behind us, a new Communist Party club combines activists from Louisville and Lexington, Ky. Their new Facebook pages will be “Young Communist League Kentucky” and “CPUSA-KY!” Ahead are our online contacts in Nashville, Tenn., Birmingham and Mobile, Ala., New Orleans and Baton Rouge, La., if not more cities.

New people are contacting us as we move along on the Southern Organizing Tour. If you are interested in catching up with us give Scott a call, 773-368-5775 or email him at

The oldest person at our November 16 meeting was 33. These young people had already done their homework and had very few questions about the ultimate goals of the Communist Party nor our present program of strategies and tactics. They were already convinced to join the Party. All the discussion was about how to best launch their own local activities. They looked at the big issues in their home area: the jobs crisis, immigrant rights, and education. They decided to put off their next meeting until December 10 so that they could organize their best effort. They expect to put out their own leaflet and hold a public meeting with an audio-visual component. They discussed several movies that might do. Among them were “Harlan County USA,” which took place in Kentucky, “Matewan,” which tells about a big strike among miners on the Kentucky-West Virginia border, or Michael Moore’s “Capitalism a Love Story.”

Several of the youngest members also volunteered to look into the possibility of attending the World Youth Festival in South Africa in mid-December, even though they would really have to scramble to get passports and raise money. This was not a group of overly cautious, “think small” people, but go-getters who are more than aware that they are part of a winning movement that stretches completely around the world, backward in time at least to the pharaohs, and forward into the bright future of socialism!



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