Proletarian internationalism


Proletarian internationalism has been a central tenant of international working class – Communist ideology, epitomizing the concept that none of us, no section of the international workers’ / people’s movement stands alone in the struggle against the forces of international capital, repression and reaction. This concept is best expressed in the old workers’ chant that “United We Stand, Divided We Fall – An Injury to One is an Injury to All.”

In practice this concept was expressed in the selfless Soviet an world wide support for the Vietnamese people’s struggle for independence against imperialist aggression, the heroic Cuban material support for the embattled people of Angola, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau fighting against colonial forces, as well as the Soviet support for Cuba when they were confronted with U.S. imperialist aggression.

The massive world wide campaign that helped free Comrade Angela Davis from racist imprisonment here also defines this important principle.  There are a great many other examples of our comrades and friends reaching across borders to stand with our comrades against imperialist aggression.

This heroic and central tenet of our workers movement was weakened and abandoned under right opportunist pressures of xenophobia, weakening of working class ideology and bourgeois influences expressed through Euro communism.

That ideological weakness has given blood-thirsty imperialism free hand to attack the Middle East, Latin America, Balkans, slaughtering thousands, attacking people’s movements and aiding right-wing reaction across the globe, unimpeded.

The Communist Party should proudly stand with the world Communist, workers and people’s movements for social justice and progress across the globe, and against the bloody, vicious and greedy hands of imperialism, colonialism and reaction.

The Communist Party has a special responsibility here in the heart of world capital, imperialism, and reaction.  At our convention we should resolve to revive our international solidarity work and institutions in order to do all possible to support the embattled people of Venezuela, Cuba, the Arab peoples of the Mid East, the people of Africa and of all nations and peoples fighting for justice and progress against imperialism.


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