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BY:CPUSA webmaster| November 1, 2011

In addition to working with local grassroots activists building a movement for democracy, economic justice and socialism, CPUSA leaders regularly write for and

The following selections are the most recent articles in from CPUSA officers Sam Webb, Jarvis Tyner, Roberta Wood, John Bachtell, Juan Lopez, Joelle Fishman and Scott Marshall.

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Occupy movement can win with nonviolence

By Juan Lopez

Wisconsin state police earlier this year escorted protestors into the state capitol so they could sit-in and sleep-in, in an act of non-violent civil disobedience. Police could just as easily have blocked demonstrators from entering, by any means necessary.

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 Herman Cain: Defense of bigotry, the ultra rich and the ultra right

By Jarvis Tyner

After watching the Republican debate one is left with the impression that the GOP candidates have been in a time capsule for 80 years. They want everything to be returned to the way it was under Herbert Hoover.

Capitalism should operate as it did before the New Deal; and race relations should go to the period before the 1960s.

The GOP candidates desire a time when U.S. imperialism was top dog and there was no social safety net, labor rights, and civil rights.

And what they want most of all is a time when there was no African American in the White House.

In this regard, Herman Cain, the black GOP candidate, is as right wing as the rest of them.

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Power of the 99%

By Joelle Fishman

A new social movement is rising up in our country out of years of outrage, heartbreak, pain and anger at trying to make ends meet while CEOs and billionaires whistle all the way to the bank.

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Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth: A mighty tree for civil rights, a remembrance

By Scott Marshall

The Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth’s church in Birmingham, Alabama was bombed the first time on December 25th, 1956. It was bombed three times. In that first bombing, dynamite was placed right outside his bedroom window in the parsonage. Though it suffered severe damage, Rev. Shuttlesworth walked away unhurt. He immediately sent word to the Klan that nothing, including bombing, could make him move away or stop organizing.

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Class warfare: what goes around comes around

By Sam Webb

As if on cue, spokespeople of the Republican Party are excoriating everyone from the president to the occupiers of cities around the country for fanning the flames of “class warfare.” It has no place, these Republicans say, in our political culture.

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Occupy Chicago fills the jail with inspiration and solidarity

By John Bachtell

CHICAGO — On Saturday Oct. 15, I was one of the 200 occupiers who were arrested standing up for free speech and assembly and against corporate greed, after Occupy Chicago attempted to establish an encampment at the edge of Grant Park.

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America’s kids tell their stories from their Wall Street camp

By Roberta Wood

NEW YORK CITY — “I figured if I’m going to be homeless, I might as well be homeless for a good reason,” said Matt Kitchens. The Alabama native is one of the hundreds of restless youth Occupying Wall Street, determined that their voices be heard. After finishing trade school, Kitchens, 20, worked as a welder in Mobile’s shipyards. He hit the road after that work ran out, and ended up working in a coffee shop in upstate New York. That job ended six months ago. Now he’s on Wall Street.

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