Marxist IQ: Ideology and capitalist myths

BY:Communist Party USA| January 13, 2019
Marxist IQ: Ideology and capitalist myths



1.  A key myth of 19 century capitalist ideology, revived in the late 20th century and used to justify the worst forms of capitalist exploitation globally was:

a. Expanding international trade was the foundation of prosperity and progress;
b. Human rights took precedence over property rights;
c. Labor needed  a social safety net for capital to prosper;
d. Planned economy is the basis for  progress.


2.  Defenders of  capitalism like Herbert Spencer used Darwinian theory to contend that all social progress was based on unfettered competition and “survival of the fittest” ideas which have be revived in modified forms today to defend capitalist exploitation, that is, inequality is the result of inferior individuals losing out to superior individuals The response of Marxists was:

a. Yes, 20th century socialists must adopt to these realities;
b. Socialists should use capitalist forms of economic and political organization to advance socialism, because they were most advanced;
c. Social progress has been based on cooperative labor, through history and socialism would establish the most advanced system of cooperative labor;
d. The “implosion” of the Soviet Union shows that Spencer was right.


3. Among the central myths of capitalism to all people are:

a. The market is self correcting, so that overproduction is not possible;
b. Paying workers less reduces production costs and prices and makes them better off;
c. Exporting industry to undeveloped regions  increases economic equality and well-being;
d. All of the above.


4.  Among the myths capitalists propagate to and about the working class are:

a. Government taxes and regulation keep workers from becoming middle class;
b. Unemployment and poverty are social problems;
c.  Unions provide real and necessary protections for workers;
d.  If workers want socialism they should go to Russia.


5. Capitalist ideology builds on and builds itself from the myths of the systems which it has overthrown.  Which of the following is not an example of this reality;

a. Progress in history is the story of great leaders who defend the existing system;
b. Religion teaches us to accept the existing system, because that is the only way we can honor our families and be rewarded in the afterlife;
c. Progress depends of higher levels of economic and social equality achieved through planning and public ownership of industry;
d. We will solve all of our problems by destroying our foreign enemies.


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