International Notes: Highlights of the world communist movement

August 22, 2017
International Notes: Highlights of the world communist movement


SACP challenge “witch hunt” of Parliamentarians who voted no confidence in Zuma

The South African Communist Party has sharply criticized those in Parliament who are going after members of the ruling coalition who recently voted “yes” on a motion of no-confidence in President Jacob Zuma.  “The myopic campaign clothed in the name of “discipline” is nothing but a factionally charged agenda.”   The vote was secret so that members of Parliament could vote their consciences without fear of retribution.

The party statement points out that “revolutionary discipline is consistent” and cannot be divorced from the needs of the working class and nation.  The problem of “state capture” by capitalist interests, meaning the takeover of sections of the state apparatus for personal profit by corporations, should override any factional concerns.  The South African Communist Party concluded its statement by reiterating its call for President Zuma to resign, and if he doesn’t, for the African National Congress to remove him.  “Holding the president accountable will show that the ANC is consistent on discipline”.

Belgium:  Communists call for nationalization of energy

The Communist Party of Wallonia and Brussels, one of Belgium’s two main communist parties, is calling for action to nationalize the energy industry.  In a statement, the party points out that the energy resources of Belgium are controlled by mostly French capitalist corporations with the complicity of Belgian capitalists.  The result is that the Belgian working class is hit by rising prices of gas and electricity, and 10% cannot pay their bills.

This, say the communists, illustrates the urgent need of the working class to take control of the means of production, especially in the energy sector, an imperative issue both for the working class and the environment.

Chile:  Communists denounce visit of Mike Pence

Guillermo Tellier, President of the Communist Party of Chile and a member of the Chilean national legislature for the Communist Party, has denounced the visit last week of U.S. Vice President Mike Pence to his country.

Pence has been touring Latin American countries with the purpose of solidifying the position of right-wing governments in support of U.S. policies, such as neoliberal trade agreements and the overthrow of the government of Venezuela.  Tellier’s message for Pence:  “Go home!”

India: Communists Criticize Prime Minister Modi’s Independence Day speech

The Communist Party of India has denounced the annual Independence Day speech of right-wing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, delivered on August 15, the 71st anniversary of India’s independence from the United Kingdom, at the historic Red Fort in Delhi.

The Communists see his speech as being full of hypocrisy. While he called for unity in the strife torn region of Kashmir, he has not stopped army personnel from making inflammatory statements on the situation there, or done enough toward a negotiated settlement.

Furthermore, Modi has failed to denounce right-wing extremists who are “dividing the country along religious lines”, by attacking Dalits on the basis of accusations of cow slaughter. Nor did Modi say anything about many major crises facing this huge country:  The agrarian crisis which includes a massive wave of suicides by farmers who face impoverishment, and skyrocketing price rises.  The Communist Party also deplores the Prime Minister’s silence on foreign policy issues.



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