Green Strategy


Our planet has never been at stake the way it is now with the livable planet crisis.  We must begin immediately to accomplish this global rescue with all deliberate speed.

Human survival requires a rebalancing of human activity with natural systems and resources. As Marc Brodine writes in Green Strategy:

The list of environmental crises is long and growing: global climate change, decreasing agricultural yields, increasing water stresses, the accumulation of persistent organic pollutants in the water, soil and air which affect human, animal and plant reproductive systems, ocean acidification, coral reef destruction, depletion and destruction of fisheries, the depletion of many kinds of non-renewable resources, annihilation of many species of plants and animals, increases in extreme weather events, rapid increases in urbanization without corresponding increases in water and sewage infrastructure, destructive mining practices, deforestation, expanding and changing ranges of diseases, parasite, insects and much more (35).

We need to create ways to transform our relationship to nature by changing our social and economic systems so that we may be able to adapt by creating a new ecology that enables our species to continue and thrive (31).

Grandparents and parents are equipping their children for a world that will not exist.  People are looking for leadership on what to do about the environmental crisis.  A survival / livable planet is the most important issue of our time.

Public awareness has reached a point where a livable planet is becoming central to many and are looking for leadership and solutions.

The CPUSA should be a leader in survival / livable planet  Time is of the essence.  The convention will be in June, and is the opportunity to focus on survival / livable planet.  At the convention every discussion, every breakout session, every speaker and all literature should include, focus on and address solutions and organizing around survival / livable planet along the lines and perspectives of Green Strategy by Marc Brodine.


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