CPUSA Co-Chairs on the L.A. City Council Crisis

BY:Rossana Cambron And Joe Sims| October 27, 2022
CPUSA Co-Chairs on the L.A. City Council Crisis


The ongoing crisis provoked by racist and homophobic comments directed at African Americans and Indigenous peoples by leading Los Angeles City Council members and leaders requires the resignations of all involved. The two remaining on the City Council, Kevin de Leon and Gil Cedillo, must vacate their seats as well. We are not only disappointed but also disgusted by their gross references and crude remarks, directed at workers and, incredibly, a child. That this crisis was provoked by a backroom conversation on LA redistricting is not lost on us. The shrill laughter engendered in its course and the fact that none involved had the courage in the moment to stand up and reject the hating continues to echo.

Latino and African American representation in LA was won through decades of united struggle. The unified response of Indigenous, Mexican American, and Black communities in LA is indicative of the ongoing strength of these bonds. The city’s grassroots leaders are stepping forward.

The crisis has engendered many proposals and ideas for redressing the plight of the racially and nationally oppressed, including expanding the City Council and others. Redistricting should ensure that the power of all be strengthened instead of diluted. We must work hard to rebuild the trust among all communities of color and continue to expect elected officials to represent us all.

The CPUSA stands for the unity of all our diverse communities, a unity that must be based in anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anti-homophobic action. This must be the basis of coming together to forge a better and more just future.

Anti-Black, anti-Indigenous, anti-Latino, and anti-immigrant racism is deeply embedded in the fabric of not only LA but also the entire country and goes back to the founding of the republic. To one degree or another it affects us all, Black, Brown, Asian, and white. The influence of the deep racism and chauvinism of the Trump movement, while having its source in the ruling-class right wing, has spread far beyond it. Only by standing up and calling it out without equivocation whenever and wherever it raises its ugly head can the basis be laid for defeating it. We know full well that those involved in this incident do not reflect the Mexican American community and its tradition of working-class solidarity and democratic struggle.

The CPUSA stands in solidarity with Black and Indigenous LA and indeed all people of color. The coming election must deal a blow against extreme right racism and racism in all forms. Beyond it a new working-class-led, multi-racial grassroots politics is required. Let’s unite to help build that movement!

Watch a video of Rossana Cambron’s commenting on the LA City Council crisis here.

Images: LA City Council Member Gil Cedillo, Martinrad, Wikipedia (public domain); Former LA City Council President Nury Martinez, Solagil1126, Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 4.0); Council Member Kevin de León, California Senate photographer unknown, Wikipedia (public domain). All photos cropped.



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