Convention Discussion: Struggle in the digital age

BY:Clyde Crockett| March 18, 2019

The rich can put millions into messages that reach and influence millions. We have to ask our comrades to contribute money.  Let’s face it. We live in a capitalist world. I think our best approach would be to donate to countries other than the United States which, under Trump, has become a modern day 1930s fascist state.

I don’t want to admit defeat but it seems inevitable that Trump will rule for 6 more years. What we should support is a socialist candidate. But whom? I am without an answer. I don’t see anyone on the horizon who can beat that horrible president. Elizabeth Warren is awful. Joe Biden is too old, I like Harris but she is too “radical.” Sanders does not come across as a president.

We should not vote on some “principle.” We should vote on who will beat that fool in the White House.
Get a guy like Beto or Swalwell. I was sickened today seeing messages from people who think Trump is the greatest president we have ever had.


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