Anti-communism? Says who?

May 29, 2019


I have not found anti-Communism to be a problem anymore. The best rebuttal to being called a Communist is an old one, not started by me. I am rephrasing it but anyone could rephrase it.

“You call me a Communist?
I believe that the minimum wage should be a living wage, at least $15.
I believe that all housing should be affordable.
I believe that we should cut our military budget in half and withdraw from all our overseas military bases.
I believe that we should keep hands off Venezuela.
I believe that banksters, big business, and the wealthy are controlling our country.
I don’t believe that our country is a true democracy.
I believe that all workers should be represented by labor unions of their own choosing.
I believe that all forms of racism and sexism should be abolished.
My slogan is still “Black and white, Unite and fight.”
Wait a minute, Communists believe all those things too.
Therefore, I guess I must be a Communist.”
Peter Gale


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