A Communist analysis of the Bolivarian Revolution

BY:Alex Granados And Maicol David| August 19, 2019
A Communist analysis of the Bolivarian Revolution

Is Venezuela socialist?  The Bolivarian Revolution first declared by Hugo Chavez lifted millions from poverty, gave communities a voice in development, and made Venezuela a bastion of resistance to U.S. imperialism. However, it has had to contend with falling oil prices, economic sabotage, U.S. sanctions, and a right-wing opposition supported by the capitalist powers.  Can the Bolivarian project survive without advancing down the socialist path?  Alex Granados, a Venezuelan Communist, joins The Specter’s Maicol David to talk about the struggle to shape Venezuela’s future.




    Based out of Columbus, Ohio, Maicol is the club organizer for the university-based Young Communist League chapter in Athens, Ohio known as “Club Frida Kahlo.” In addition to his activism and involvement in the Communist Party USA, Maicol has taught both History and Spanish at Ohio University in Athens and organizes and canvasses with Working America, the political affiliate of the AFL-CIO.

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