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Party Builder 13 Aug 2001

In This Issue: *Convention Evaluation *Convention Web Site *Globalization Report *Jobs with Justice Conference *Recruiting Pamphlet *Welfare Reform Hearings *Cuba Solidarity *Legislative Updates *Books for Sale*Conference to Stop Star Wars...

BY: CPUSA Organizing Department| September 22, 2001
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Proposed Resolution: Against Racism and for Immigrant Rights

The struggle for equality for Black People and against Racism is central to social progress. It is central to the fighting unity of the working class and TO THE STRUGGLE...

BY: Indiana District, CPUSA| September 21, 2001
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Public Education

Public education represents one of the major achievements of the historic struggles of American workers and their allies.

BY: CPUSA School Workers Committee| September 21, 2001
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Leonard Peltier

BE IT RESOLVED: That we urge the National Convention of the Communist Party USA to demand the immediate release of Leonard Peltier and all other Political Prisoners.

BY: Florida District| September 21, 2001
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HR 1564, HR 808, Star Wars, Mansfield Steelworkers, HB 290, Jobs with Justice

Resolutions about infrastructure rebuilding, steel revitalization, Star Wars, Mansfield steelworkers, prescriptions, and Jobs with Justice.

BY: Ohio District| September 21, 2001
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