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US Communist Party backs Indian Left on Indo-US ties

Coimbatore (PTI): The Left parties in India on Sunday got a shot in the arm in their opposition to the strategic tie-up with the United States, with an American communist...

BY: The Hindu| April 1, 2008
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California senator introduces bill to drop Cold War anti-communist laws

The San Jose Mercury News reports that a state senator in California has introduced a bill there to remove the grossly undemocratic laws on the books that allow schools to...

March 31, 2008
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CPUSA Labor Secretary on Arkansas Talk Radio

Scott Marshall, Labor Director of the Communist Party USA, appeared on Arkansas Talk Radio, KARN 102.9. In this 15 minute segment, he spoke about the Communist Party USA, the current...

March 29, 2008
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Erica Smiley takes your questions

Erica Smiley, National Coordinator of the Young Communist League, takes caller's questions on The Power Hour, a central Florida call in show.

March 27, 2008
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CPUSA: End the Iraq War

The CPUSA took part in actions across the country marking the 5th anniversary of the the Iraq war. End the War now! 4,000 troops dead is too many.

March 26, 2008
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