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Draft Plan of Work for the New PWW Editorial Board

This is a draft plan of work for the new People's Weekly World editorial board. The main ideas were projected at the December 27th and 28th editorial board retreat. These...

March 16, 2002
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CPUSA Peace Conference Presentations

'Imperialism and the Struggle for Peace in the 21st Century.' Portions of this National Meeting on Peace and Solidarity of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) were webcast live from Chicago...

BY: CPUSA Internet Department| March 15, 2002
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Communist Party of Washington State brief history

Untitled Document Writing the history of the Communist Party of Washington State would be a grand, major project. This essay is just a brief introduction of some of the major...

BY: Washington District| March 13, 2002
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Draft Internet Working Plan for 2002

The revolution will be networked. The Party's political reach extends only as far as our ability to communicate and collaborate with each other, our allies and the general public. This...

March 8, 2002
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Peace & Solidarity Commission says ‘Meet us in Chicago’ Mar 16-17

How to build towards ending the 'unending war'...the upcoming Peace Conference in Chicago march 16-17...the upcoming 'National March to Stop the War'...all are discussed in this interview with Sarah Staggs,...

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