10 reasons you should join the CPUSA

BY:Communist Party USA| November 24, 2020
10 reasons you should join the CPUSA


Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

Why does the world around me seem so messed up? Why are so many people in my community getting sick from COVID-19 and tens of thousands dying? Why can’t we contain the pandemic? Why has my job disappeared? Where have the small businesses in my community gone? Why are my wages so low? Why do I have to work two or three jobs? Why is my health care so expensive, or why can’t I afford to pay for a college education? Why doesn’t Amazon pay taxes, but I do? Why is there so much hatred, racism, and division? Is my country becoming less democratic and heading toward a dictatorship?

Maybe you’re thinking that the answers to these questions go much deeper than “that’s just the way it is,” “the government is the problem,” or “those people are the problem.” Maybe you’re wondering if there’s a better alternative to what we have—an economic system that doesn’t allow everyone to thrive but enriches the few.

If you’ve been thinking about these issues, think about this: it’s time to join the Communist Party. Here are ten reasons:

1. Capitalism is doomed. Racism is out of control. The environment is on the brink. Democracy is threatened. The Communist Party USA recognizes that a better world is necessary and within reach.

To solve these challenges, we envision a multi-racial workers’ democracy based on U.S. traditions and culture that replaces capitalism with socialism, a system of cooperation, equality, and peace. In the place of big banks and corporations, ordinary working people will have economic and political power.

2. Join an organization that fights for you. Be a part of the change this country needs. We are a fighting party. The Communist Party USA has a proud history of struggles and victories over the past 101 years. We don’t give up.

From the struggle for the eight-hour workday and Social Security, through the defense of the Scottsboro Defendants and Angela Davis, from the fight against plant closings and today’s unemployment crisis, through the struggle against racist police violence and the vote against Trump in 2020, the CPUSA has been on the frontlines.

3. When you join the Party, you’ll be joining a community. The Communist Party USA brings together the working class in a supportive and caring community of committed, like-minded revolutionary activists. Unity and solidarity are our watchwords.

The Communist Party USA unites industrial workers, low-wage workers, gig workers, the unemployed, scientists, health care workers, educators, and workers from all sectors. The Communist Party USA represents ethnically, socially diverse workers from every corner of the country. We welcome the full participation of women, African Americans, Latinos, LGBTQ people, differently abled persons, and people of other oppressed communities while striving to create an activist community free of racism, misogyny, and all forms of discrimination. We aim to give all a voice in decision making in a unified revolutionary collective.

4. The Communist Party USA recognizes that the fight for Black lives is fundamental.

Fighting anti-Black racism remains basic to the struggle for democracy. Along with racism against Latinos, Native Americans, and Asian Americans, the systems of institutionalized racism must be dismantled in the here and now. Working-class unity depends on it.

5. The Communist Party USA endorses an expansion of democratic and human rights in a higher form of democracy.

Socialism in the United States would be built on the strong foundation of our Constitution’s Bill of Rights. This includes making the promises of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and equality for all real. The rights to a job, to health care, and education must also be guaranteed by the Constitution. We favor a “Bill of Rights” socialism in our country.

6. The Communist Party USA is part of the worldwide movement for democracy and socialism.

We participate in the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties and are a sister party to those fighting for socialism around the world. Our youth league belongs to the World Federation of Democratic Youth that has campaigned since 1945 for peace, democracy, human rights and youth rights.

7. The Communist Party USA recognizes the struggle for peace as fundamental.

We fight to dismantle the military-industrial complex and use those resources to meet the human needs of all people. We fight to transform peace keeping away from the racist institutions of policing and the carceral state. We demand community control of policing.

8. The Communist Party USA embraces the idea of people over the economy and stock markets.

Workers are the creators of all wealth and value not found directly in nature. That value is meaningless if people can’t access reliable shelter, food, medicine, and education, which are fundamental human rights.

9. The Communist Party USA uses tactics and develops strategies that are grounded in the current political economic conditions.

We use all the tools in the toolbox to advance the struggle. Strikes, occupations, sit-ins, boycotts, voting, education, and mutual aid – all the forms of non-violent force and persuasion. We fight for short-term and intermediate goals that make a better life for workers right now, like health care for all, and that increase workers’ power in the class struggle, like protection workers’ rights to organize and bargain collectively.

10. The Communist Part USA recognizes that capitalism’s inherent unsustainability is causing the existential crisis of global climate change.

Only the people’s control over natural resources, united in global, multinational agreements can address major environmental problems. Humanity needs a system that takes away the ability of capitalists to make short-term, profit-based decisions which threaten our long-term survival. The Communist Party USA slogan People before Profits we now recognize as People and Planet before Profits.

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    The Communist Party USA is a working class organization founded in 1919 in Chicago, IL.

    The Communist Party stands for the interests of the American working class and the American people. It stands for our interests in both the present and the future. Solidarity with workers of other countries is also part of our work. We work in coalition with the labor movement, the peace movement, the student movement, organizations fighting for equality and social justice, the environmental movement, immigrants rights groups and the health care for all campaign.

    But to win a better life for working families, we believe that we must go further. We believe that the American people can replace capitalism with a system that puts people before profit — socialism.

    We are rooted in our country's revolutionary history and its struggles for democracy. We call for "Bill of Rights" socialism, guaranteeing full individual freedoms.

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